Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What's Going On?

Woke up a couple minutes ago and everything, came downstairs, and noticed that the house was unusually quiet. First thing that ran through my mind was "Figures. Naomi's horned her way into going grocery shopping again. I can't wait to hear Mom's excuse for this one", which still could very well have happened, but they just pulled into the driveway, and Naomi walked in, but now the van's nowhere to be found again. Perhaps Mom's picking Adam up from work, but she also has to work tonight, and although we could do it, I doubt she really wants to rush out to Real Canadian Superstore, grab everything we need, come back, and have just enough time to unload things before heading off again.

Dad would have to be gone off to work too. I was going to have him read this. Although it probably wouldn't do a tremendous amount, it'd help at least a little. I still stand by that money's not as tight as they'd have us think though, or they wouldn't be taking such a carefree attitude with Naomi (among other things).

Oh, and as for Phantom Hourglass progress... beat the first dungeon. That's about it so far.

Still no sign of Mom though, so I might as well assume they've already gone. I suppose I should at least be happy that it's cold out today, however. Perhaps it'll be like this from now on <3

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