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Just when you think things can't get worse...

Just when I thought there couldn't be a worse shift at work... Let's start from the beginning.

Walked in at quarter to 8, because I started at 8, and Earl was at the back washing dishes (a rarity for him, but...). Josh went back into the office and grabbed a bag with my jacket, hat, and XP disc for me, then he said something to Earl. All I heard of the conversation was "well, I've actually called everyone. nobody will come in. i guess I'm closing with you". Originally it was supposed to be Josh, Manoah, Eric, and myself tonight, right? Well, Manoah called in sick. Sorry, he had his Mom call in for him. So right away, that meant we lost one of the better people at closing. I could've cared less at the time though. I promptly got asked to clock in and go up on line to help Josh, because the people that were up there were leaving. That didn't go too bad. The boards were full, but Josh was steaming, some new girl (I think her name is Mackenzie) was stuffing, so I expedited.

That rush was over in short order, and Josh said something to Earl about wanting to go get food, so no sooner than I found out, then Josh was out the door, off to Bob's Food Basics or something. Since he left, I started steaming, and finished bagging hot line as well. Funny, that. Earl was standing right up at front cash, and he said nothing about me bagging it. Technically, we're supposed to wait 'till 2 hours before close to bag cold line, and 1 for hot, so one would think the General Manager himself would expect that rule to be upheld, but I guess not :p So I finished that up, then made orders and wandered around 'till Josh got back. Once he did, I grabbed the pans and bags we needed for cold line, and set about doing that. By the time I finished it, it was about 9:00.

I asked Mackenzie to take Bertha to the back, and if she could wash and bag it, which she did without complaint. There was just enough time for her to do that before more orders came. Note that from the time Josh left 'till 12 midnight, it was me and her on line. I was steaming / expediting, and she was stuffing and expediting. About 9:30, Steph started working on getting the dining room closed, because she, along with Mackenzie, were both there 'till 12:00. Around 10, Josh handed me his bank card and asked me to go get $40 for him. It feels sort of good to know that he trusts me enough to actually tell me his PIN, but then again, he told Jerome the other night, so bleh :3 At that time, there were no orders at all. No cars in drive through, and dining room was empty as well. It stayed that way until the instant I walked back on line. A car pulled in right then. Wonderful timing -_- Honestly, it was. That started our 11:00 rush, which lasted for 2 and a half hours D:

Once that was over with, Josh asked me whether I wanted to stay on line and he'd do dishes, or the other way around, because then, it was him, Eric, and me. Earl didn't stay for whatever reason. Eric was on drive through, and me and Josh were on line, although more or less by ourselves, as most of the time, one of us was off doing something else. Anyways, I said I'd do dishes, because it'd give me a break from line. Got about 10 minutes to wash those before Josh and Eric came back, because there were no orders, and helped me. About another 10 minutes after that though, more cars came, so once again, I was on my own. I managed to get those finished up by about quarter to, so I went back up on line. I told Josh that if he wanted to, I'd take over for him, and he could go back and deckscrub the back floor. He agreed, so he went off to do his work.

The cars stayed pretty steady 'till about 1:55 or so, at which point they stopped. At 2:10, they were right back again, for bar rush. The most godawful bar rush ever, as I feel like calling it. See, from 2:10 to 3:45, cars were wrapped around the building. Not only that, but I was cashing Eric out, then running down to line to bag the orders, hand them out, and repeat the process. At 3, Josh asked me if I wanted to switch with him (he'd been on line by himself since he came back to help with dishes, and I agreed. 45 minutes later, the last order was handed out, and Josh said we were closed. 15 minutes early, but it was well justified.

I set about taking down line, because Josh was off doing counts and his paperwork, and Eric swept then went back to wash the dishes that had accumulated, and, suffice to say, we were out of there at 5. Not bad, considering the circumstances. Eric needed a ride home, as he lives all the way out in the country, and my Mom missed his driveway, and went right onto the front lawn :D It was raining at the time though, so wouldn't you know it, she couldn't pull back out, as the grass was so wet. So, all three of us started pushing on the van, which thankfully got it out. We got back into Chatham, dropped Josh off, came back home, and that's where we are right now.

I'm so thankful I have three days off now :| I'm going to need them after tonight. Strangely enough, it was a surprisingly satisfying shift, except for the end of the bar rush (normally it ends at 3, and it went on 45 minutes longer tonight - you do the math).

Josh left a note on the board at the back that says this:

12-4am: $1000 +
3 people +
Food waste in Bertha: 1 pound =

I was going to write "PWNED" instead of priceless, but most people there wouldn't have gotten that. When it comes to the food waste in Bertha part, as I've said before, Bertha is a big metal bin that we put under the rack the food goes on, to catch any dropped ingredients, like lettuce or whatever. Where it got that name, I don't know, but that's not the point. It's not uncommon for it to be half-full at the end of a night shift, but tonight, there was practically nothing in it. As Josh said, that's what happens when people (meaning him and me) portion their ingredients properly. Just icing on the cake, considering how the rest of the night was.

So yeah... Three days off. I plan on sleeping in as long as I want tomorrow, so getting up to my room is going to be nice, but I'm not tired enough to do so yet. I've come up with a sweet way to ensure that I get a good sleep though. Steps are as follows:

  1. Put the covers back on. Now that it gets cold downstairs during the day, I bring my blankets down to keep me warm, so it goes without saying that I'd need to put them back on my bed at night. I like to just smooth them out nice and neatly, and make sure that they're not going to become seperated or anything.
  2. Put the sheets back up around my bottom bunk. I use two lighter sheets to basically make a tent of sorts, by shoving them underneath the mattress on the top bunk, and letting the rest drape down. Works quite well actually, and it's just because when I'm in bed, I don't want people to be able to see me. It's more of a personal comfort thing than anything else.
  3. Turn my fan on. Even in the dead of winter, I always have my fan going when I go to sleep. I just can't if there's not some sort of background noise.
  4. Get in at the foot of the bed, and lay down. The foot because the way I drape the sheets down from the top bunk leaves a small gap right in the middle part of the bed, that the cold air from the fan can blow through. In order to make sure that stays covered, I get in at the foot of the bed, and that usually works well enough.
  5. Just lay there until I acutally get tired enough to crawl under the covers, do so, then fall asleep.

So yeah. Maybe I didn't actually have to make a numbered list out of it, but I'm not deleting it now :x

I think I'm just going to do one more thing on here for now though, then head upstairs, because it is 7 in the morning, and I've been going since 4 yesterday afternoon :p I might write something tomorrow, so this is it 'till then.

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