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Just before I head off up to bed, something I have to get off my mind.

Ran into Manoah at Wendys earlier tonight, and started teasing him about how I saw him in the bank earlier as well, then we got to talking, and something came up about work. They've supposedly hired some new guy, who's going to be closing, but will *strictly* be cleaning. Apparently Earl's given him a long list of stuff that needs to be done each night (such as cleaning the thermalizers, fryers if necessary, the chemical room, etc.), and yeah.

So that's nice. It means that the rest of the closers don't have to worry about getting things cleaned up while there's customers to be taken care of. I personally think it's rather amusing that how before, they were blaming all the closers on a given night for the store looking messy in the morning, and things not being done. Now, if the store looks messy or something else is the matter, we can just say "Talk to this guy. He does the cleaning." Not to say it's going to happen or anything, but it makes me wonder if they thought about it at all.

And from what Manoah was saying, we'll still be able to call him up on line or whatever if we absolutely need him, but otherwise, all he's to be doing is whatever's on his list.

Now, what brought this about? If Manoah is to be believed, Earl and / or Mike say the store was a mess on either this past Sunday or Monday. That's really funny. Monday was Thanksgiving, and Earl gave us permission to close early (which we're apparently not allowed to do anymore, but meh - if they want to pay us just to sit around (we're supposed to do extra cleaning, but... why bother when they've hired someone specifically for that), they're more than welcome to), so of course we were in a rush to get out of there, but I know for a fact the store was in good shape. I can't say the same for Sunday, seeing as I don't exactly remember how that shift went.

Other than that, much to my delight, before withdrawing money for Dad and going to EB Games earlier today, I had less than $100 short of $4,000 in my bank account. Next pay for sure. Bought DDR: Hottest Party at EB, and so far it's been decent if anything. Although now I've got two mats to contend with (one for DDR Mario Mix, the other for the aforementioned game), but I'm sure I can just put the new one on top of the old.

That one is, unfortunately, under everything on my top bunk though, but it gave me an idea at the same time. I really don't like just keeping my giant tail in my closet, so why not put it on my top bunk, cover it with a blanket (just so the cats don't get at it or anything), and put everything else in my closet? Except for work stuff and a couple other miscellaneous items, but they can just go on my dresser if I clean it off. Screw anyone here if they have snide comments to make. As best as I can tell they don't care about the tails I have on my chair, so what's one (admittedly larger) more?

Might as well get started :3

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