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Don't Like It

After working with Jake (the guy that was hired specifically to clean) tonight, I can safely say that while I understand the idea behind it, I don't get why the only thing he can do is clean.

(oh, and before I forget, managed to get next Friday night off. Biggest problem solved :3)

It's just like, he's expected to do sour cream for one thing, which is nice. Saves us the trouble of looking in the walk in during the middle of bar rush or something and finding that we have none. Following the idea of doing prep though, there's no reason he shouldn't be taught how to rotate torts, prep (spicy) chicken and steak, rotate the walk in, tidy up the freezer(s) at the back, and so on. I mentioned the chicken and steak prep thing to Michelle on the way home, and all she said was that he was only asking for 20 hours a week, which didn't make much sense given what I'd said.

So whatever. As far as I saw tonight, he basically walked around, swept, mopped (waste of time doing that), sprayed things with all-purpose cleaner and / or degreaser and wiped them down, did quite a few trays of sour cream, and cleaned the chemical room (at least I think he did - it really didn't look like it at the end of the night). He closes tomorrow night as well, with Steve, Michelle and me, so if I see him just sort of wandering around again, I'm going to ask him if he knows how to do any of the items listed above. Didn't quite get a chance to see his list that Earl gave him tonight, but as best as I can tell it's only one page long, so there can't be too much he has to do.

But in a nutshell though, he works with us, and he's part of the shift, but we're responsible for all the same stuff we were before. He just does other things that the day people have somehow gotten into their head need to be done. Reeks of laziness on their part, if you ask me, but I really haven't seen the problem from their side a whole lot, so I won't say anything I can't take back just yet.

For right now though, I work tomorrow 'till Tuesday, then have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. Not bad.

Aside from those things, tonight was pretty busy though. Bar rush was especially fun, in that it was Gabby and I that did the whole thing. Michelle was back washing dishes, and Jake was doing something involving the sink :s We were still able to be out of there by about 4:30 though, which is pretty good considering.

Thinking about heading upstairs early tonight though. As I mentioned before (at least I think I did), I'm running out of room for my games on the shelf I have them on, so those need to be reorganized, and as best as I can tell, someone was through there while I was at work. The door to Dad's (old) room was partly open, and I know for a fact it wasn't when I left. My main problem with that is that I did put my giant tail on my top bunk as planned (see here), and I think someone may have been messing with it. Can't tell without checking though...

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