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Earlier on this week, I was looking through the options in Norton PartitionMagic, and noticed the one for resizing the clusters. Decided to go for the 1KB size, so rebooted, and waited for about half an hour. Nothing. Restarted, and had to restart again in safe mode, then run System Restore so I could even boot XP again. Everything was fine and good from that point on.

Skip ahead to this afternoon, and I noticed something really odd. Yesterday morning, after getting home from work, I found and installed a Vista cursor set, and for some reason, it was rapidly switching between the regular cursor, and the "loading" one. Figured "Well, if I restart, that should go away", so I restarted, and it got stuck at the boot screen. Restarted several times after that, in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, and "regular mode", each resulting in a bluescreen with a STOP error. 0x00000024, I believe it was. Looked that up on the computer here, and apparently it has to do with ntfs.sys being unreadable, which didn't help me any.

My main worry at that point was losing all the files I'd downloaded or otherwise accumulated since then. Reasoned that if I installed Vista on the storage partition I should be able to go back and access those other files, albeit with some messy sharing problems. Heh.

There was one folder left, with files and folders in it named things like "Panther" and such, which is odd, because it's not a Mac :s (although I really do want to save up and get one with Leopard on it). Frantically downloaded Recuva, which found a single 1KB file on XP's partition, and a bunch of files on Vista's, presumably from the installation.

So right now I've just gotten out my recovery discs, and am reinstalling XP. My main frustration is that I lost (almost) all of my progress on my Picross DS puzzle solutions, and that's assuming those old files I uploaded are still there on zShare. There's a slight chance I backed them up on my 300GB drive that's up in my room, so here's hoping, although I think I did delete them after I'd safely gone back to XP.

Moral of the story: make a recovery disk when using PartitionMagic, even if you think you won't need it ;_; Either that, or regardless of how long it's taking your selected task(s) to complete, don't just turn it off because you think it's frozen.

Now I'm going to tease Littlecat with a straw while I wait for this recovery to complete. 13:47 remaining...

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