Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

*facepalm / paw / whatever*

Methinks I know why the cursor was acting up earlier. Updates were being downloaded. I just noticed it going again, and wondered if the little yellow shield icon that's currently in my system tray had anything to do with it. Moused over it, and saw "Updates are being downloaded: 34%" -_-

But then again, it would've had to restart to install the updates, and everything would've gone all to hell then too. Now that I've started fresh though, there are apparently plenty of updates to download. Evidence.

It's also eerily quiet down here. The other computer's actually off, and the only things actually making noise are the fan in my laptop, and the fridge out in the kitchen. Sort of nice, actually.

As for work though, Steve can go jump off a bridge. He was scheduled to leave at 4 tonight, but I was put on drive through, so I reasoned that he must've agreed to stay to close. Come 4:00 though, out the back door he goes, and about 10 minutes later, Michelle called me up front to ask if I'd let Jake finish the dishes so I could help her with line. And yes, I know he was scheduled to leave at 4, so there's no reason he shouldn't have been allowed to, but the store was still a mess. And that's setting aside that last night I was supposed to leave at 4, and ended up staying to close, so why can't he?


That was amazingly fast :o Updates are done being downloaded already. Time to restart (hopefully without dire consequences this time)~

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