Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Nice Sleep

Woke up around 7:30 (and in comparison, it's 4:21 in the afternoon right now), and somehow managed to instantly convince myself I had to be at work for 8, so frantically got out of bed, even further ripping one of my sheets in the process, got a pair of shorts on, then clued in that it might be 7:30 in the morning instead. Looked at my laptop, and I could see the "AM" down in the corner, but that wasn't good enough for me, so I opened up the clock / calendar window, and still couldn't make any sense of it, but decided that it must have only been 7:30 AM, and went back to bed feeling rather silly.

Tried to get up a bit earlier this afternoon, seeing as I missed going to Heart and Stroke last week, and even though I have Wednesday off this time around, I still plan on going.

I also noticed that someone had been in my room last night, mainly because the boxes under my bed had been moved, my mat for DDR Hottest Party had been uncovered (there was a blanket over it at first), and the sheet covering my giant tail had also been pulled forward some. I could care less about the latter, really. The only reason I have it covered at this point is so the cats don't get up there and do anything to it. If there was some way to keep them from going into my room (save closing the door), that'd be nice, but as of right now, they go wherever they want :p The boxes and mat I could more or less care about to, but it's just the, as I said so many times before, idea that people around this house still go into my room and through my things as they please that irritates me.

So... work tonight. Closing with Michelle, and that's all I know so far. Hopefully I end up on line. Closed last night with Shelia and Steve, and we actually had everything done ahead of time, so we were effectively waiting for 2:00 to come so she could start the close report, and we could walk out. Found out as well that although Jake's been hired mainly for cleaning, that's not all he's expected to do, which is nice to know now :s Shelia's also the temporary general manager for a bit, seeing as Liz (Earl's "wife") just had a baby. According to her (Shelia) the two met on the internet, and basically decided to get married (if that) from there, which is why it's in quotes~ On the sadder side of things though, her father (so Walter, I believe) was taken down to some hospital in London last night because he has two "massive" tumors in / around / in the general vicinity of his brain. Indeed. She was understandably upset about that last night, but feh. Those things happen :\

And it sounds like at least Mom is back from dropping Dad off at work. Came down here to find both IMVU and MSN still open on the computer, so Adam definitely has some explaining to do.

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