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Rather Disturbing

Was just washing dishes, and came across this in one of the bowls: link, because I don't feel like messing with the width and height of an IMG SRC tag.

The little white thing in the center of the picture. Doesn't look too bad, but as best as I can tell, it's a bit of fur from my giant tail. Sure, it could've just come from one of the five (I think it is now) I have on my chair, but the tip of it is rather shiny, which matches the giant one perfectly. I'd care about it less if I could determine whether or not it damaged the tail in any way, but given that I drug it off my top bunk then flipped it over (so the stripes are facing away from the wall) without anything noticeable happening last night, I think it's alright. Then again, Smokey was up there earlier today, but it was still covered with the blanket, and she wasn't even touching it, so I don't know :\ I do know that I need a lock on my door, but I doubt that's going to happen.

Work was good and bad, in that Karen closed, and she's still fairly new and doesn't really know what she's doing, and I brought my nametag without a name in, so Josh made me a new one, and thought it would be incredibly hilarious to spell it wrong. I told him several times that I wasn't going to wear it if he didn't spell it properly, so he finally took the hint and suggested I cut the offending part off with my knife.

And his cell phone also went off several times tonight. I (jokingly and seriously at the same time) told him that cell phones weren't supposed to be on line, and you could only have them on if you were on your break, and he just laughed it off saying "Josh needs a girlfriend." Ugh. It must be nice to be a manager and bend the rules to suit your needs. Amanda got her cell phone taken away the other night, and raised a hell of a fuss over it (or so I hear), so why shouldn't Josh be subject to the same consequences?

We also did a food swap with some pizza place though, which wasn't as great as I was expecting. The leftovers are in the fridge right now, along with some wings, and I'm currently eating cinnamon sticks. Made them myself too :3 I think it was Saturday night that we'd done a food swap as well, and everyone else polished off the cinnamon bread, leaving me with one piece or something, so I tried cutting a piece of flatbread into sticks, frying it for a minute, then shaking it up in a bag of the cinnamon twist sugar. Did the same thing tonight with 4 pieces of flatbread, and Michelle and I both took half home~ They're cold now, but still decent.

Also managed to get another 10 people or so to donate a dollar for that "End World Hunger" thing. Apparently it only goes 'till this Saturday, but according to Michelle, the store that gets the most donations gets some sort of prize, and although there's no saying who's going to win yet, I have to wonder what they have in mind?

Anyways, have about another hour before I plan on heading upstairs, so it's time to find something to do.

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