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Awesome ^^

Just beat Portal (downloaded it last night) and yes. I must admit the song that plays during the credits made me smile :3

Listen to it here, and you'll see what I'm talking about, although a good part of it'll be lost if you haven't at least seen the game / boss. The lighthearted end is a nice change, although I was getting extremely pissed off at the boss what with never being able to find the proper spot for the portals. Eventually I just settled on creating the blue one on the right hand wall by the fire pit thing, and the orange one above the pipes to the right of the previous point.

But yeah. Closing tonight with Michelle and Steve, so I'm going to try to push for line, but if not, meh. Have the next three days off, so whatever. Have to be in bed by 5 for Heart and Stroke in the morning, but thankfully that's only once a week.

Might as well change into my uniform.