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Just took a look through the live bookmark thing I have for Digg, and this caught my eye. Of course, it's for Americans only, but still... The choice of wording on the actual page would have you believe they'll only be giving out hard tacos though, and they aren't that spectacular.

I know we might soon be getting that chipotle grilled stuft burrito back, seeing as there are several signs and such for it back by the office right now. Pretty sure we had it before too, but I never got to make one, because I was still fairly new there, and as I'm sure I've said before, I was on drive through for about half a year when I started working there.

Ugh, how I wish I knew which port IMVU uses. Adam's been in front of the computer for (presumably) all day now, and just for an hour I'd like to block it, so he can get up and find something else to do. Naomi too. God help her, it's going to be fun when she gets a job. First of all because I'm getting tired of her leeching off the rest of us without giving anything back in return, and also, earlier today, at ~7:30 in the morning, she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to get something. I kn(e/o)w she hadn't gone to bed yet. So assuming she gets a job with "normal" hours, it's going to be fun for the first couple weeks hearing her moaning and complaining that she's too tired to do whatever, and just be able to say to her "Well, you shouldn't have stayed up so early in the morning before you got a job then." The thing about her leeching is still more annoying then that, but, well, meh :3

Now that I've thought of it too, found out what that $80 she had her friend transfer to me was for. Some of it went towards the internet, and the other, I'm assuming, is going towards her buying food. Her and Mom just went up to Little Caesars, I think, to get breadsticks or something like that, that she (Naomi) had already called in. If I was Mom, I'd say "No. Find your own way up there. Ask first, and if I say yes, then you can make the order, but don't just jump to conclusions." They (Mom and Dad) were out sailing with a couple of Dad's friends from work yesterday afternoon, and they brought pizza home for us (just those not-entirely-appetizing $5 things). She (Naomi) put up one hell of a fuss (crying and screaming included), because they didn't get the kind that she liked. Self-centered much? If you don't like it, you don't eat it. Find something else.

Going to play more Partners in Time though. The above has gone on long enough :p

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