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Being Patient has it's Benefits

Obviously sent chesh and email earlier today to let her know I got the tail and such, and received this reply an hour or so afterwards:

Yay, I am so pleased that you love it. I didnt have the time when making it , but I wanted to send you ears for free to go with it. Once I have time I plan on doing this as a thank you gift for all your patience on waiting to recieve the tail ^_^

Indeed. Up to this point I had planned on getting ears along with my footpaws in January or whenever, but it looks like I won't have to wait quite so long now :3

Without any further ado though, the tail. It actually drags a bit on the floor even when I have my belt as tight as possible, which isn't a problem at all (as long as the floor isn't dirty)~

Going to bed early tonight for Heart and Stroke tomorrow, after which I hope to be able to pick up Trials and Tribulations (assuming EB Games has it) as well as a USB key from Staples, on which to put Hiren's BootCD and / or this selection of portable programs I found on Sourceforge. They'll definitely come in handy should I ever screw up my laptop beyond reinstalling XP again :s

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