Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Good Enough

I think I'm done changing my theme / font around for now :s The font I'm currently using can be downloaded here (it's called "Ashby"), so download it and drag them into your fonts folder if you so desire.

Going on 6 in the morning right now, so I plan on heading up to bed soon and at least starting the second case on Trials and Tribulations. Hopefully Mr. Grossberg will stop talking about his hemorrhoids so much :x The numerous times that got brought up, and the one thing Mia says during the first case (something like "well it's obvious whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard") were extremely cheesy. Not to say it isn't fun. Just in the wrong sort of way.

Have to be at work for 8 tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to, mainly to get out of the house for an extended period of time, and also because Josh C. is supposed to be working again. Don't exactly know what happened a while ago, but as best as I can tell it was something involving his family *shrug*

No reply from those people today either, but thinking about it, their email said that my order should be shipped in the coming week, which, now, is the week that's just passed. If it said "would", I might have a reason to be worried, but I'm not going to email them again unless another month or so passes by. Found a couple more things on eBay I'm thinking of getting as well, but it's too early to say anything about those yet.

Oh, and repeated theft by Naomi might be stopping soon enough. Noticed last night that a bunch of candy I had in my room had gone missing, as had $5 from the little box I have my money hidden in. The candy was just sitting on a table I have in my room, in a grocery bag, but the money was on my top bunk, underneath the blanket that's covering my giant tail. Wasn't about to wake Mom or Dad up when I found out, so I just changed the WEP key for the wireless internet connection, and promptly had her (Naomi) knocking on my door asking me what had happened. Pathetic. Honestly. She then got Dad up, but I just made as if I had been sleeping, and acted angry. Fixed it when I got home, but when she came down to say thanks, I told her that she'd do well to keep it in mind if she ever took anything from my room again. It's quite possible to prevent her from connecting to the wireless connection without affecting anyone else, and I'm not scared to do such a thing either. I'm just tired of her.

Time to clean up the dining room though, then it's off upstairs to stay awake for at least another hour~

(oh, and new journal title too. not necessarily representative of how I feel all the time, but I like it anyways)

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