Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Quite What I Intended

On the way to work tonight, I stopped by the bank and withdrew $60. It was my hope that I'd be able to set aside $10 of that for food, and the rest for possible customs fees once my tail from Lionel gets here, and put the other $50 in the birthday card I got for Mom. I reasoned that there was a good chance one of the tills at work would have a $50 bill in it, and I could just exchange my two twenties and ten for it. No though. Throughout the whole night, not one person paid with a $50 bill. There were plenty of orders that were close to that amount, but everyone either paid debit, or used other bills.

Feh. So she's still getting $50, just not in the way I'd hoped. And I know I said $100 at first, but apparently I spent a bit more than I thought I did during the first few weeks of the month, so that wasn't an option. Got her a box of these as well though, which I'm pretty sure she'll like.

Interestingly enough, I have Halloween off, but Teresa promptly tried to get me to take her closing shift on that day. Apparently she wants to go to the bar, and thus needs the night off. First of all, don't tell me where you want to go. If she just said "I had other plans for that night", I might've given it a bit more consideration. Secondly, like I've said to other people before, I don't ask for specific days off. Sure, I have three days booked off in December (being the day before, after, and of my birthday), but other than that, I work what I'm scheduled. If you don't like how I seem to get the "good" days off, talk to Shelia and / or Earl.

Originally I was planning on going there that night to get some food, with tail, but now having to worry about having Teresa get pissed off at me, I'm not so sure. Still fully plan on wearing one to Heart and Stroke, although I recently realized that sitting in a chair might be a bit of a problem. Meh. I'll figure something out~

But aside from that fun, Michelle either almost quit or got fired tonight, I cleaned the shelves up above front cash (all the way along), and as a result now have reddish splotches all over my shirt from the bleach, and yeah.

Regarding the former, I'm not really sure what happened. The only things Michelle really told me were that, in regards to almost quitting, it was because it was extremely busy last night, and she couldn't call anyone in because Earl wanted to cut hours, and for almost getting fired, because she had someone on line that didn't want to do it / technically didn't even work there anymore. I really don't get that one... She was sitting out in the dining room going over something on the schedule with Shelia, when Josh came up behind me, said he was closing, and asked me who I wanted to have on line since I would be steaming, so I asked what was going on with Michelle, and all he said was "We're not going into that". Then when she came back in from the dining room, her eyes were all red as if she had been crying. She seemed to be in a decent mood for the rest of the night after that, but it was still strange.

Anyways, I need to write something in the card I got Mom, then find something else to do. The Lost Turnabout isn't coming along all that well right now. All I know is that there's a new character who instantly seems suspicious, and it's shaping up to be one boring case, seeing as it involves theft instead of murder. Maybe that'll change, but right now, there's no indication of that happening.

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