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First Impressions of "Mask*DeMasque"

That is not him. At first I expected his wife (I think her name was Desireé), but after what she said about him being delusional, it makes a lot more sense, although in an annoying way. I mean, it's no wonder the guy gave in so easily. Such a "master criminal" wouldn't just turn himself into the police without putting up a fight at first, and there's no way he'd be so meek and soft-spoken. Although it's going to be interesting to see what Atmey thinks about the whole thing, but given that he's still not at his office, it's rather impossible to ask.

Maybe the case won't turn out to be so boring after all, although it's still going to be different.

Perhaps his wife still is the actual criminal. It'd make a bit of sense, given what's been said so far, but...

Before that, I want to do 5 more puzzles on Picross DS. Only up to level 4 so far. Slow going ;_;