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Paranoia :s

Oooh, would you look at that. A Halloween styled top-bar. Nice change. I have to wonder why there isn't an option to customize the default bar to your liking yet though. That'd be neat.

Main thing now though: I finally have a lock on my door. It's certainly going to take some getting used to, seeing as before my door was open more or less all of the time, except when I was sleeping, and now it's going to be closed and locked most of the time instead. Took the blankets off my giant tail, so they're in the dryer right now, and after that, I'll probably wash the mattress cover too (most likely on Tuesday night, so I can do all my laundry at once), then find something else to use them for.

I'm going to try to make sure the cats don't get in there at all, because if they do, there's a chance they'll get locked in, and as I've said before, the only reason I had the tail covered was so the cats wouldn't do anything to it. Take away the problem, and there's no need for a solution, essentially.

Have to wait for those blankets to dry before I go to bed though, which is where the paranoia comes in. I have myself convinced that if I go up to bed and leave them in the dryer, she'll take them. They shouldn't be much longer though. Put them in before Adam got taken to work, and it's been almost an hour since now.

Don't have to be to work 'till 9 tonight, so I'm considering at least trying to get to the first in-court part of the case I'm on right now, then probably going to sleep. Might as well check my laundry then head up there.