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Regarding that other order:

Before leaving for work yesterday, sent them an email saying "Perhaps this week then?". Woke up to a reply saying they were sorry they had to ask again, but they wanted to know the name on the order. Did I not give that to them not at all long ago? Copied and pasted the email I sent them in the first place, containing the order, then added this bit at the end.

I'll give you a screenshot too if you'd like proof of when it was sent, but feh. I could've been sure I had my copy of the money order I sent you sitting around here somewhere as well, but apparently I threw it out or something. It seems that was a bad idea now.

If there's still no sign they've been sent out by next time I get paid or so (November 8th), I'm just going to say "screw it", and transfer the money to my Paypal instead. I don't particularly want to, but at this point, I don't know what options I'm left with.

And I apologize if I seem a bit brusque, but I just woke up, and that was not what I was hoping to hear :x

Yes. The most important part is the second paragraph. I don't exactly have the money available to up and spend ~$85 just because the first time around they screwed up my order, but at least that way, I'll have tangible evidence that I sent them the payment, as well as my address (which is finally confirmed), so everything else will be up to them.


I mean, the most annoying thing about this is that I have been waiting since the end of August. Sure, I was probably waiting on my giant tail from SPark longer, but at least in that case, she let me know when she was going to be gone away, or busy doing other things. As long as you explain why there's going to be a delay, I usually don't have a problem with it (unless it's just something stupid like you don't feel like working on it or whatever).

But on the lighter side of things (sort of)...

Thank you, Mr. DeLite. We had pretty much established Mask*DeMasque's true identity, and the judge was about to give his verdict, when you had to butt in and try to convince everyone you were the thief. Let's look at the facts: the blackmail letter that was in Ron's apartment said, at the very end "or I'll take that red jewel, too". Take a close look at the person who's most likely to be Mask*DeMasque, and look what he has on his finger. A ring with a large red stone in it. Of course, in that case, why would Ron have gotten the blackmail letter?

I do believe the next part of the case is going to be proving to him that he's not who he says he is. The security card Larry gave you has yet to be used, as has the other interesting bit attached to it - it unlocks the office of the CEO belonging to KB Security (I think it was), and a record is kept of when it's used, so that seems like it might come into play soon enough.

And having Godot for a prosecutor is a nice change as well. His coffee thing is certainly amusing :p

Whatever though. Might as well try to work on that some more (at least until Adam comes back downstairs). Oh, and on the way to work tonight, I plan on telling Mom "Tomorrow you'll find out what those things on my chair are for." She's the only one that's asked about them so far, so if I'm going to tell anyone, it might as well be the person who's shown some interest in them.

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