Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Had a Feeling that Wasn't It

Although right now I suspect Desireé. The body was found in a safe that only a few select people knew how to open, right? The only one of that group without an alibi was Ron DeLite. Like a couple people have said though, he doesn't seem like the person that would kill someone, but there is a chance he would've told his wife how to open the safe. She does say something about how they know everything about each other. Her bit about hating cowards too? That fits perfectly. Kane Bullard (I think that was his name) would have had to be the one who sent the blackmail letter. Why else would DeLite have gone there at 1 in the morning.

I see where the "if you don't want your true identity revealed" comes in now as well. I'm not completely sure I understand why, but DeLite is bound and determined to have everyone believe he is Mask*DeMasque, so of course he wouldn't want someone to say "this is the truth about the guy".

Still though, why does it refer to a red jewel? Unless I'm missing something completely obvious, he doesn't have anything like that in his apartment (or hideout, if you prefer).

There were signs that a scuffle took place in Lordly Tailor's basement though (the spilled paint, bent sword, box that's off to the side away from the area with the main concentration of paint, even though it has paint on it, and Ami Fey's statue being moved), and while it's quite possible that the real Mask*DeMasque planted all that to back up the testimony he gave in court, the only things that have been presented as evidence were the statue and sword. At least so far.

Maya brought up something that had been on my mind too. The urn said, at first "I AM", thanks to Pearl smashing it and putting it back together wrong. How did it suddenly come to say "AMI" again? Unless while Andrews was "polishing it so hard it almost glowed", she took it apart and put it back together again. And also, is it just a funny coincidence that "I AM" in the game looks like "1 AM", the time both the theft and murder took place?

So I really don't know. Like I said at the beginning, "Dessie" is the biggest suspect right now, unless Ron has a side we've yet to see. Engarde certainly did, in the previous game, but that was in the last case. Not saying that makes a huge difference, but it could.

Otherwise, 12:30. Down here in front of the other computer, with tail, ready to go to Heart and Stroke, but of course, it'd appear as if nobody else is up. Feh. Plan on stopping by Taco Bell later on tonight as well, because Manoah's going to be bringing in my XP CD for me, as well as I promised him I'd come in wearing my "costume" (yeah, it's just a tail, but I can't think of any other suitable word), seeing as I wouldn't tell him what it was last night.

We did, however, have an interesting conversation that started with him asking we were going to do today / night. As soon as I told him Naomi would probably just be sitting upstairs, oh, he would not let it go. So he's closing tonight, with Steve and Michelle, which is funny and annoying at the same time. At first it was Teresa, Steve, and Michelle. Honestly. Work the shifts you're scheduled for. The two of them (Teresa and Amanda) seem to want all the hours they can get, as evidenced by all the overtime Teresa kept picking up in the past, as well as the fuss Amanda put up last night when she got sent home because she had injured her wrist and not told anyone, but yet the opportunity for them to go to the bar or whatever comes up, and instantly it's like work is life-threatening or something. That's not necessarily the most... outrageous thing they've done, but to go any further would be an invasion of their personal privacy. It's something that's widely known at work, of course, but you tell me...

And there we go. Adam just called to get picked up from work so he can go get some lunch, and I told Mom that I have to go to Heart and Stroke afterwards.

Might as well get ready to go~

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