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Some Afternoon

Walked in and was greeted by Lynn, who was coming out of Julie's office. Told her that because it was Halloween, I decided to wear something, but she couldn't tell what at first, so I walked to the other side of the counter. Her reaction? "Oh my...". Then she pulled on it as I was walking away, and later on in the afternoon, she asked me how I was able to sit down with it. Either right on, or tuck it in beside one of your legs.

So then I got to the board room table, where I was told to sit down to find out what we'd be doing. Nobody said anything then, but then I had to get up and go to the back so someone could show me something, and on the way, heard Michele laughing, and asking if I could "wag that thing for her". Do I look like a dog? Never have I once heard someone say "look at that snow leopard wag it's tail". Went back to the table, told them that at least I wore something, then she said one more thing after that, but I can't remember what it was. Nobody else had much to say after that, but I still plan on wearing it when I go to Taco Bell later, and any time something out-of-the-ordinary happens, the whole store knows about it the next day. Feh. I really don't care at this point.

I'd rather not have them assume the only time I'd wear such a thing would be Halloween, but I suppose I shouldn't take it for granted either. Found out our Christmas party for Heart and Stroke is going to be on the 14th, which is one day after my birthday, yet again :3 Will probably book that day off when I go in tonight, just to be safe. I know I don't actually *need* it off, but why not?