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When Earl called yesterday, he specifically asked if I could come in at 7 "tomorrow". Like I said, I told him 8 instead, and he just said "that's fine". Going into work tonight, I figured that I started at 8 tonight, but then 9 tomorrow night instead. What do I see? 8:00 as well. If it wasn't such a bad way of getting in contact with him, I would send him an email right now asking just what he thought he was doing. If you want me to come in early a second night as well, ask.

Then again, it fits in perfectly with what Steve said a couple times in the past. As long as it's not 24 hours before the shift in question, they can change your schedule without warning you. It would be nice to at least get a call saying "We've changed this", but I guess that's too much.

I dunno. If I wake up in time, I might call and say I won't be in 'till 9, but I doubt I will be.

Order progress though before I forget. Yesterday afternoon, I sent them an email to say I'd found the money order, and also included a bit about how I could understand if they were at least a bit angry with me. After all, here I am threatening to cancel my order if there's no sign of it being sent out before the 8th. Woke up this afternoon, and saw their reply.

Something along the lines of "I'm not upset with you" (sounds sort of like something GlaDOS (from Portal) would say). "It is you that has every right to be upset with me. I'm in the process of trying to find out where your mail order is right now...", and I didn't read the rest after that.

Sent them a reply asking if they could say for certain that it hasn't gone out yet, but I've yet to receive a reply. I'd like to find out where specifically it is, regardless of whether it's been sent out, or has yet to be shipped, or whatever. This uncertainty is killing me.

Saw Manoah at work tonight too, where I asked him if he read my email, but apparently he hasn't even had the chance yet. Said email involves the check he gave me for that $20. It's something that's more or less between me and him, so I won't say too much, but I couldn't deposit it after all :\

Going to see about doing 5 more puzzles on Picross DS though, then probably head upstairs and work on Trials and Tribulations some more. Still have to give those blankets to Mom, unfortunately, but I'd much rather give them to her myself, as opposed to them going into my room (seeing as they have a spare key somewhere), seeing my giant tail on my top bunk, and blowing things all out of proportion (no pun intended).

Way too talkative tonight~

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