Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Early

Hah. This is weird. I look down at the clock in my system tray right now, and it says "3:42 AM". We didn't close an hour early, did we? Nobody else came through, and everyone seemed to be acting the same as they do any other night.


Time changes are so strange. I still don't know whether this one means we're going to be losing sleep, from our point of view. And by that I mean that for the longest time, it meant that we'd have to get up an hour earlier for church in the morning, which sucked, and I'm glad I don't have to go there anymore.

As I see it now though, it means I have an extra hour to do whatever I wish with. Fun :3

One big thing about work tonight. At or around 8:00 PM, Josh, Josh C., Andrew, and Teresa had their vehicles broken into. Teresa not so much, because it was her bike in that case, but someone tried to cut through the chain, and damaged her back tire or something. Josh is now missing his iPod, arm strap for said iPod, and $20. Josh C. had a carton of smokes stolen, and Andrew is now out an unspecified amount of beer. The funniest thing is that, to my understanding, Jake was the one who saw someone in Josh's van, and instead of going up to it to see who it was, he went in to tell Josh.

Even if I had been out there, I'd have gone over assuming it was him, to see what he was doing.

So Josh called the police, and everyone involved sat around outside 'till they arrived. And if that wasn't enough, he told every single person that he recognized in drive through that his van was broken into. I mean, the first couple times you're upset, so sure, you want to blow off some steam. After that, it just becomes annoyingly repetitive.

But since I have this extra hour now, I might as well find something to do with it. Will probably head upstairs about 6 or so, then play more Trials and Tribulations once I'm up there, but there's a couple hours to go yet~

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