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I Can't Quite Remember

In the first game, was in Edgeworth or Von Karma that held the "unbeaten" record? I'm pretty sure something was said in the 4th case about Von Karma's undefeated record being broken, by none other than Edgeworth's father, I believe it was, so that rules him out. Then there's another problem though:

In the fourth case of Trials and Tribulations, Edgeworth is the prosecutor, and the case that you are "solving" is Mia's first, meaning it must be quite a while ago. If you win the case, that would mean Edgeworth's record would be broken (although considering it's only his first time in court too, does that count?), and it really wouldn't make sense for them to just, out of nowhere, make (what I'm assuming is) the last case one you couldn't win.

The end of Recipe for Turnabout was decent. Better than the previous case, at least, although the whole thing seemed quite a bit... shorter. That could just be because I did more before I saved and turned it off though. Meh. Sort of disappointing that Blue Screens Inc. (what a name) didn't come into play more than just a place to find out a bit more about Glen Elg (I guess it really is a coincidence that his name's a palindrome), but it worked out anyways.

It's also hard to believe the witty guy in the red shirt who calls Mia a kitten all the time could actually be Godot though. He's got the same type of vest, and always has a cup of coffee in hand, so who's to say he isn't?

Rather dull day otherwise. Going to have to head out to the bank later to get Mom and Dad their money from this pay (another $205 gone there), and, depending on how much I have after that, I may withdraw some more to get pizza. We have those coupons from Dominos still hanging on the fridge, so why not? :3