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What to do...

I really don't know what I'm going to do about volunteering today. I want to go, because I haven't been for the past two days, but it's also my Mom's birthday, so yeah. What to do... I was contemplating going to Heart and Stroke just from 1 to 3, because I figure that way I'll have plenty of time for whatever sort of celebration we're having, as well as I can't help but think I'll just be doing data cleansing if I do go in, and that's enough to put you to sleep within 10 minutes. I think I will go with the 1-3 plan though, just because that way I can't say I didn't go in at least twice this week, and it'll alleviate the worry of wondering about what Michele will say next time I'm in over the weekend. I want to pop up to Sobeys as well to buy her a gift of some sort, seeing as now that I have the money to do so, it'd be rather rude of me not to, but the question is, what do I get her? I'd get her some of the caramel-filled Hershey kisses that I did before, but she's diabetic (or something of the sort), so that's out of the question :\

I could get her a card and slip some money into it as well, but as before, when I was writing an entry about Mothers Day, how much is too much? With my most recent pay, I'll have a bit over $5000 in my bank account, so the amount isn't the problem (I can't see anything over $100 anyways), but it's just... how much can I put in before it gets to an amount where she'll feel guilty when she sees it? That's completely setting aside the fact that giving money seems so tacky as well. What a quandry.

I think I will end up going with the money though, simply because I found this out on such short notice, and that it's the most convenient of my options. I'm thinking $40, and then I'll give her the other two cartons of chocolate milk I have up in my room. If you'd read my previous entry, you'll know why I'm so willing to give them away :x


... much better. What the hell did I eat tonight that could have caused that though? Well, let's see...

  • Nacho cheese and a hard taco shell (x2)
  • Meximelt
  • Beef and nacho cheese wrapped up and grilled
  • Elephant ear thing

Ugh... more than I eat most nights, for sure. It actually wasn't that bad tonight, despite the fact that we had two people on that haven't really closed alot before. I suppose having the extra hands really helped as well though. We were out of there at twenty-after, which is amazing for a Thursday night. Normally we're struggling to have things done before the order comes, but tonight, we were done and out of there before we even had a chance to think about it.

It was pretty busy when I got in at 9 though. I got put on drive through again (blech), and from the first two cars that pulled up, we got a $30 and $50 order. I printed the receipts, so here they are (I'm not going to bother with the "TACO BELL CHATHAM" anymore though, because that should be rather obvious :p):
  #349                 DR-T
2 TACO                 2.38
1 5 TACOS              4.99
  5 SOUR               2.50
2 TACO                 2.38
  2 SOUR               1.00
2 G CRUNCH             4.78
1 LG DIET              1.89
1 LG DEW               1.89
1 SM PEPSI             1.59
3 CARM EMP             2.97
          GST          1.58
          SBTL        27.95
          PST          2.11
          TOTL        30.06
          CASH        50.00
          CHNG        19.94
2 COMBO #3            10.38
  4 SOFT
    CO 7 UP
1 G CRUNCHCOMBO        5.49
    NO TOM
    CO 7 UP
1 FAMILY PACK         12.99
 10 SOFT
2 CRCHWRAP             6.58
1 CMBO 1               3.89
  2 SOFT
    NACHO CHEESE        .50
          GST          2.49
          SBTL        43.91
          PST          3.31
          TOTL        47.22
          DBIT        47.22
13 G CRUNCH           31.07
 1 HOT
          GST          1.86
          SBTL        32.93
          PST          2.49
          TOTL        35.42
          DBIT        35.42
The last one is just a little example of why the people that make the decisions shouldn't promote food we've already had for a while. In fact, Josh had me print out another copy of that receipt, and wrote on it "THIS IS WHY WE SHOULDN'T PROMOTE FOOD" :D Funny though, the marker he used must've created a bit of heat, because all his lines are outlined in a faint bit of black. It's thermal paper that the receipts print on, so yeah. Pointless information for you :) Oh, now before I forget, frustration in TotA. I was in the marsh yesterday, and there's this "Behemoth" enemy, that, if you happen to run in to, you're strongly advised to run away from. I ran into it by accident, then thought "what the hell. let's see how powerful this thing actually is". I'd used up all my Magic Lenses at the time, so I couldn't see how much health it had, so I just fought. All my healing items and the one All-Divide I had in reserve later, I'd beaten it, but there wasn't any sort of talk amongst the party after that (such as there usually is after you beat a significant / important monster), so I got suspicious. No sooner than I crossed the bridge I was headed for, than it appeared again. WTF. I wasn't prepared to fight it that time, so I just ran away (and two more times as well after that), thus putting my nice clean record of escapes up to 3. Bah. Oh well. I'm not getting everything in this play through anyways, so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much about it. This is going to be done here though, as my arm is starting to hurt, and I do want to play a bit more of that game before I go to bed.

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