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Am I Supposed to be Embarrased?

Went out to the bank earlier to get that money, and Adam came along because he wanted to get some supper. He mentioned that part of it was going to be for a money order, so I asked him just what he planned on getting from IMVU now. More credits.

Told him that seemed like a waste of money, and he responded with "Well, what was that you... a tail?" Point taken. From what he was telling me, I should have no use for Paypal. When it's the quickest way of paying for stuff online, yes, I have a use for it. I shouldn't be criticizing him for spending money on credits, but it makes alot more sense to spend money on something you can actually hold in your hands, as opposed to something that only appears on a website, and could very well be lost if technical problems arise.

But let's see. Naomi's seen me with a tail on several times before Halloween, and on that day, everyone except Dad did as well, and I have reason to think he's seen me wearing one before too.

Anyways, went to Taco Bell for supper instead, where I was surprised to see Steve wearing a black shirt. Had almost worked up the nerve to ask him what was going on, when he said something about it himself. Apparently the closing manager (who, to my understanding was Michelle) is no longer able to work, so he's filling in for the night.

Josh also stopped by here just a few minutes ago. As I understand it, he was supposed to be doing something with his girlfriend, Laura, tonight, but she told him she'd gotten to talking with her ex-boyfriend a couple days ago. Yeah. Sort of sad, really.

Dad'll be home soon, so I might as well grab his money.