Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

These Events Took Place About Half an Hour Ago

Heard a noise that sounded like someone tapping on the front door. Dismissed it as just hearing things. Then another noise that sounded like tapping on the window, then somebody calling my name. Wrapped a blanket around myself (I have pants on, but everything else is in the dryer), went to the front door, and lo and behold, Josh was standing there.

I don't mind him stopping by during the day. That's fine, because nine times out of ten I can tell him I have to work if he asks if I want to do something. 3 in the morning though? I don't care what your excuse is. Unless I'm expecting you, don't just show up unannounced.

He's gone home now, because he's "tired", so good. Sure, you could bring up that time he, Steph, and Manoah stopped by on the way home from work, but in that case, I'd phoned Josh ahead of time to ask if he could bring my stuff by on the way home.

Unrelated funny thing from earlier tonight as well: Adam and Naomi were walking through the dining room arguing about something, when he pushed her towards the kitchen. What does she say in retort? "I could call the police on you right now. That's assault. No, Naomi, it's not. At absolute worst, it would be domestic abuse (really stretching on the abuse there), and the police would turn a blind eye, because they don't care about the problems you have with your brother. I told her to go ahead and call them, and of course, she got all quiet and went straight for what she'd come down for after that.

Drawn Together is pretty good so far (the third episode was pure awesome), and very true too. "Foxxy"? A perfect example of things are nowadays. Some random girl with a tail walks by you, and you can hear the "rowr" comments coming before they even start. A guy, on the other hand? "Eww" and whatnot.

*ahem* Just had to get that off my chest :s

Now I'm going to post this, then turn my laptop upside down and shake it to get some of the stuff out of the keyboard.

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