Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
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From Volunteering...

I don't know WTF happened to the alignment of the receipts in my previous entry, so sorry. They're all in <pre> tags, so it's strange. There is a center tag on the outside of all the table stuff, but I figured that'd affect the table itself and not it's contents. Whatever.

As for the birthday problem, things seem to be going rather smoothly. Adam has to go up to Staples this afternoon to return the keyboard he bought, and get one that connects via USB (something's wrong with the other keyboard port - what I don't exactly know, but I can say that the plug doesn't fit all the way into it), and he requested that I come with him to make sure he gets the right thing, so that way, we can stop by the bank on the way there, and then possibly going up to Sobeys sometime so I can get a card. Just handing her the money and saying "Happy Birthday" would really scream "I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO DO ANYTHING SPECIAL FOR YOU".

Guh... the two other volunteers in here today (older women) are going on about "when I was a kid..." :x Talking about Woolco (what is now Wal-Mart) and other such things. I'd listen to music on my PSP, but then I have a feeling I'd get caught doing this, but really, they strike me as the type of people that wouldn't even turn on a computer if not specifically instructed to (not to mention that these computers are always on anyways), so I think I'm safe for the time being.

Michele's not in right now. She's out for lunch and then to run some errands or something, so chances are she won't be back for another 15 minutes at least.

I'm not looking forward to work tonight, because it's me, Josh, Jerome, and Kevin. Unless Jerome takes drive through, I can guarantee I'll be on it again. I hate that position, and I've explained why before. I need to remember to bring Josh's Age of Empires III CDs back in, because he was telling me last night that he downloaded the expansion or something, and needs to install the original game first.

Thinking though, when Jerome works, we usually end up ordering pizza or doing some sort of food swap, so that's something to look forward to.

Still though, Josh said something about line possibly being broken again last night. First time it happened it was leaking, the second time, the water that's supposed to keep the hot ingredients hot was cold, and I don't know what's happening this time. Lord knows all we need is to have to do a full Friday shift on mini.

Michele's back, so this is done.

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