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Label/Receipt Number: C--6 9--1 5--U S
Status: International Dispatch

Your item left the United States from O'HARE APT/CHICAGO at 5:31 PM on November 9, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

It's almost 7, so I really ought to head upstairs, but a couple things before that.

1) Sent another order to the folks at "Zephyr". Only for one thing this time, and I made my intentions quite clear, in regards to how I'll be sending the money, when I'll be asking for a progress report, and what I expect from them in return.

I refuse to believe that Naomi got to them before me (she might be bad, but not so much as to open other peoples' packages, I hope), but outside of that, the only other logical conclusion is that they got lost somewhere along the line.

Also told them that if, by next weekend, there's no change regarding the current problem, I'll actually be setting up a time to phone them and hopefully sort things out. I'd rather do anything but, to be honest. This... "email tag" is getting to be a bit much though.

2) Last time I checked the schedule, I worked from Friday to Tuesday, then had to days off. Now I work from Friday to Friday, and have two days off. Thursday's going to be especially fun. Closers are Mark and I. Jake is there, only 'till 2. Supposedly, Shelia originally only had Mark working that night, but Earl changed it. Is there something wrong that they can't give us the proper amount of closers.

The explanation Josh offered was that Earl's trying to suck up to Head Office, because his job may or may not be in jeopardy in the future, but still. Don't let your problems affect us. They have their own reasons for what they're thinking about, and unless otherwise specified, it's your own problem. It's worth noting that's purely what Josh heard, at the moment. I can't picture him saying something like that without having any way to back it up though :\

Here's hoping I have at least two new emails (that aren't spam) when I wake up. If I could cross my fingers in my sleep, I would.

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