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Almost as Planned

Had to stay up 'till 10:30 this morning just to get ahold of EB Games, and even then, the truck hadn't come in, so they couldn't say whether they had the game or not.

Went to bed then, but set the alarm on my spare DS to 6:00, then put it up and away from my bed, so when it went off, I'd have to get up to turn it off, thus decreasing the chances of going back to sleep again. It went off at 5, and I quickly realized I'd forgotten to put it back for daylight savings time, so I put it up to 6, laid back down in bed, and more or less went back to sleep.

About 5:30, I woke up in a flash, literally jumped out of bed, turned the light on, and had almost started getting dressed when I realized the alarm still had to go off, so I laid back down to go to sleep again, but opened my laptop up to see if anything had changed since yesterday (order status, namely).

Got the game though, after being played a joke on by the people there. Walked in, said "Mario Galaxy?" then got asked "Did you preorder it?" back. No, I didn't. Was told that was unfortunate, then they laughed, pulled the game out from behind the counter, and told me I should've seen the look on my face. Yeah. I got what I wanted though, so whatever.

Absolutely no progress to either order right now though. The shipping status for that page still hasn't changed (and I assume it will when it's in the city or something), and as for the other one, it's another fine example of how, when I ask a question I actually want an answer to, I rarely, if ever get one.

Might as well play it for a bit though, and see if even the intro lives up to the hype it's been getting. Certainly not as much as Smash Bros. Brawl, but... meh :s