Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Furry-Related Entry

My original intentions were to not look at the site anymore unless I had money in my Paypal to spend, but yeah. This. The description's fun. "Amazingly soft short patterned fur" = not all that great, assuming the tail is of the same sort the kitsune tails I bought from her were. It's missing the grey band in between the patterned fur and white stuff, but otherwise, it's the same. Even shorter too. Does nobody understand the concept of snow leopards having long tails? Meh. The thing about ground shipping no longer being available is disturbing as well though. Does that mean that from now on, if I buy something else from her, I have to pay $15 for shipping? That's more than double what it was before, which, frankly, is rather expensive.

This head though, is actually pretty sweet. $400 is rather steep though, as is the letdown of a fact that they only ship within the US, and how they don't have any feedback to judge their reputation by. I might've actually been interested in getting that if the bidding started at $350, even, and they actually shipped to Canada. I think though, that that's the next furry-related thing I'm going to be saving up for - a head. At least after seeing that one. Well, that, or a fursona picture commission. Probably that first, namely because it'd be cheaper, as well as that's one of the things that irritates me so. Other furries out there (not necessarily snow leopards) have pictures of "themselves". I don't, and I think it'd be incredibly cool to have something to look at and say "This is what the furry me looks like". By no means that choice of words, but something along those lines.

In that same vein though, I still need to figure out exactly how I want my footpaws to look, but once again, after seeing that head, it's given me some new ideas. Might send an email to Lionel later on too, just to ask if her current project is done yet (I assume some sort of full suit), and actually, I'm just going to do that right now.

I'm undecided on something else though. Given the latest change to my order status (posted in my previous entry), I'm tempted to stay up 'till 9 or so to see if it arrives, and also because it's something that I'd much rather get my hands on first, instead of anyone else. On the flip side, it only just cleared customs yesterday, so as I see it, there's about the same chance of it getting here today as there is tomorrow. Meh. Might as well play Mario Galaxy for a bit, then head upstairs and work on Bridge to the Turnabout, hopefully until Dad gets up, at which point I can tell him that I'm expecting something in the mail, and when it arrives, to get me up.

Actually, forget Mario Galaxy for right now. All I want to do is lay down in bed for a bit, even if I play a game at the same time. My shoulder's killing me (yay for exaggeration), so hopefully laying flat on something will help sort it out.

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