Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Package Delivered Successfully

Was laying in bed working on Bridge to the Turnabout earlier this morning, when I heard a noise downstairs that sort of sounded like someone pounding on the door. Before I'd laid down in bed though, I told Dad that I was expecting something in the mail, and that if it should arrive, he could get me up. Waited for a bit, and could hear nothing that might indicate he was coming up the stairs to get me, so I got my jeans on, opened the door, and there he was, box in hand(s), saying "There wasn't any money involved or anything. I just had to sign for it". That wasn't my concern. If he had any idea what was *in* the box, he might've understood why. And no, I won't say. It's a secret to (almost) everybody.

So now I just have to warn him that I'm expecting something that will be "labeled" as a book. That being Mom's Christmas present. She hasn't said anything else about it yet, but as long as she doesn't 'till next month, I might just tell her the guy I bought it from went away for the holidays, and he won't be able to ship it 'till he gets back home. Trickery and deceit is what it is, but in this case, she's going to be getting something that cost me $80 for free, so a little bit of a wait is hardly anything to ask.

Also though, while standing in a checkout lane at Real Canadian Superstore earlier, I turned around, and noticed something on the shelves. These nifty faux fur throw things. I want one <3 They're only $30, so I might just find some way to say "You can get me one of those for my birthday present" next time we're out there, but, curiously enough, I'll be going the day of my birthday (the 13th), so meh. There are at least two pay dates between now and then, so I might just buy one (or two :3) with my own money, and save myself the fuss of having to explain to them why I want yet another furred item.

And as for Adam's birthday present, I think I will just get this for him. Even if I just show him the payment receipt so he knows he'll be getting it eventually. I told him yesterday that if he wanted it, I could buy it for him, but he'd have to pay me back. Now, not so much :p

Those leopard print sheets are still lingering in the back of my mind, but really, before anything, I'm going to have to make sure I have enough money to buy them, as well as finding one I actually want, as opposed to just comparing those that can be shipped to Canada, and seeing which one looks the best. Sooner or later.

And lastly, reply from Lionel states that she'll "get it out the door" as soon as she gets home from MFF. Does that mean that it's done, and just has to be shipped? No, it couldn't be. If it was, what would be stopping her from shipping it before she left? Whatever. As long as I have it by Christmas <3

Since it's only 5:30 though, I think I'm going to crawl back into bed for another hour or so. I didn't get to sleep 'till 10 (it might've been earlier, had that package not arrived), and was woken back up by Mom pounding on my door at 4. 6 hours really is plenty though, so maybe I'll just see about getting further in that case or something~

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