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So Fast~

Cookbook arrived today :3 Over a month early, but on the way to work last night, I told her the auction didn't end 'till November 30th, and after that, if necessary, I can bring the "He went away for the holidays" thing into play. Also bought that game for Adam, and showed him the receipt, which he's pretty happy with. Of course, it won't be here for another couple weeks at least, but I'm sure he'll manage. It should've been shipped out today though, which is about as quick as possible, I suppose.

So... Mom's gone out to pick Naomi up from one of her friends' houses (yeah, she actually got out of this house for an afternoon), and once she gets back, I plan on going out to Real Canadian Superstore and getting one of those fur things I talked about in my previous entry. I figure that way, if they turn out to be large and soft and everything else that's good, I can ask for another for my birthday, and yet a third for Christmas. Not for certain, of course, but planning things ahead never hurt anyone (I think) :p

In the meantime though, a third list of stuff I'm expecting in the mail (for my reference):

* PSP faceplate
* Feather stylus from Nintendo
* Tail from Lionel
* Order 1 from "Zephyr"
* Order 2 from "Zephyr"
* BloodRayne (even though it'll be addressed to Adam)
* Ears from Chesh?

As best as I can tell, everything should be here before the New Year. The faceplate is still quite up in the air, because I clearly remember reading something about getting emailed when the money order arrived, and there's been nothing yet. I don't want to email them or anything though, because then I'll be obsessing over that and go right back to being in a foul mood again.

And God, is Mom ever taking a long time. Might as well play Super Mario Galaxy some more.

... hah. Just as soon as I typed that, she walked in the door. I know it's not irony, but it's still fine timing.