Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

What I Was Talking About

As per usual, you can take a look here. There are three other colors as well, being light brown (or beige, possibly), red, and black. Want to get a black one next. I know that much~

Also have one idea of something to get Dad for Christmas, but it's something he asked about a while ago, that I ended up finding and downloading for him. The songs from that "The Point" record. I can only find three on eBay though, and one's already being bid on (I know there's really no point to using an auction site if I don't want to bid, but...), but I have a transfer in progress right now, so come the 20th (I think), I might buy one provided I have enough.

I'm really not worried about getting anything for Adam and Naomi though. Mostly want to get something for Mom and Dad this year because aside from only one or two occasions in the past, where we gave them "gifts" (stuff of ours that we got back afterwards), it's all been them buying presents for us.

Nobody's said anything about the package that came today arriving yet, which is odd because there was a sticker right in the middle that said "Signature Required". Meh. I wouldn't have it any other way.

On a different note though, Littlecat walked by the chair I was sitting in earlier tonight, so I picked her up, took her into the kitchen, and dipped just the tip of her tail in the sink just to see if she'd do anything. Took her over to Mom after that to show her how she was trying to burrow into my arm because her tail was wet, then she says "How would you like it if we dipped your tail in the water?", followed by Naomi promptly saying that if I had a tail, she didn't know me anymore. Fine by me :3


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