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Cryptic as Always

Concerning my second order from "Zephyr":

It will all be sent :)

Does that mean that they're going to send everything at one time? I hope not. If the first two got lost somewhere, then what's going to happen to the third? I'd ask them for clarification, if I wasn't so certain I wouldn't get a reply. Feh.

So yeah. Super Mario Galaxy is getting to be alright now. Up to having the third dome (I think it was the kitchen :p) opened, with pretty much all the stars collected so far. Save for the ones you get when the "Prankster Comets" (I think that's what they were called) are in orbit around a particular level.

Dad's also just gone out to Tim Hortons to meet some guy, at which point they're going to pick up supplies for work. Indeed. 4:30 in the morning is quite a strange time to do such a thing :s

But meh. Might give myself 'till 5:30 or so down here, then head upstairs and play Trials and Tribulations. Badly want to go out to Real Canadian Superstore to get another one of those fur blanket things, but next time I have a day off is Tuesday (which, coincidentally, is the same day we get our pay stubs), so I can always go then. It feels sort of strange to want them so much, but the same thing could be said of how many tails I've accumulated in about half a year (eight at last count), so whatever.

Don't know what I'm going to do with my day tomorrow, but for once, I might actually try to sleep in longer than 4. Just one day where I don't have to worry about getting up and ready to do anything. With that, though, I should finish what I'm doing down here, then head upstairs. Dad's back, and shows no sign of going to bed (he's doing something or other at the kitchen table right now), so it'd probably just be better to head up there now. We'd better actually get birthday cake tomorrow though. Mom had to work tonight, and thus couldn't make it, but I suppose one day off isn't entirely bad~