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Why is there an actual Psyche-Lock on the door in the Inner Temple? Or more, I seem to recall that the door wouldn't open the first time you tried it, but assuming the real killer did actually go back there for some reason, are they still there, and if not, why is there a lock on the door now? Maya's nowhere to be seen either, and what Pearls said sort of seems to indicate that she saw her at least once before the murder took place.

The drawing Larry presents is rather strange as well. I at first thought that adding a supernatural feel to the case would greatly detract from it's "believability", but I guess not after all.

The only other odd thing is there are several times you ask Iris if she was telling the truth about not being the murderer. Each time she said "Yes", and there were no psyche-locks to indicate she had something to hide. Unless, of course, she was the real murderer, but only "as" Dahlia.

It was just creepy though. Went into the courtyard, examined everything I could and found nothing, then moved back into the Main Hall. Suddenly there's just this long "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", and Gumshoe appears right up in your face. Then it was going to the inner temple grounds (whatever the name in the game for them is), and I couldn't play any further after examining everything. I wanted to find out what was in there, but at the same time the possibilities frightened me.

Oh, and the bit of text that took place during the final cross-examination with Larry was funny:

Edgeworth: "Are...."
von Karma: "You...."
Judge: "High! She's really high up!"

Or something to that effect.

Anyways, supper. Cake's been baked too. Yay :3

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