Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 


Good God.

Earlier this evening, around 7:30, I was in the living room here playing Super Mario Galaxy. Then Adam came in and picked up the second controller, and actually started helping me (well, where stunning the enemies and collecting star bits are concerned, at least), and that went on fine for about 40 minutes. Around 8:10, I had to go up to the bathroom, so I went and took care of things, but on the way back downstairs, the phone rang.

At first I thought it was Taco Bell wondering where I was, but then I remembered that I'd asked Steve if he could come in at 8 instead of 9, and he agreed. Of course not. It was Josh, saying that Michelle had called in sick again, and that if I didn't come in, it'd be only him and Steve for an hour, and other such things. Told him that I'd have to walk, and what does he say? "Well hold on then. I'll see if I can get Mark to cover for me so I can come pick you up."

So I ran upstairs, got my uniform on, then he pulled up in his van shortly after, and we were off. On the way though, he said that at least one person had already started giving him attitude about that, so when I walked in, I just said "Whoever was complaining can leave now", clocked in, and got a headset on.

THEN... I walked down to drive through, where Karen was standing, washed my hands, and asked her how the dishes were. "Well, I had them all caught up, until they started doing line and all that." Yeah. "All caught up" still took me 'till 11 to finish, even though there were at most 5 or 6 cars between when I got there and then.

Know what the really fun thing is? She (Michelle) is supposed to close tomorrow (Tuesday), Wednesday, and Thursday as well. I don't see why she wouldn't show up tomorrow, but it was and is really annoying.

Josh was also dead set on getting me to sign up for the Secret Santa thing, as well as the Christmas get-together, but honestly, no. Said get-together is on a Sunday afternoon / night, so I could care less if I end up having to work it, and I just really don't want to do the Secret Santa thing. No reason in particular. I just... don't.

Otherwise, I'm going back to my game. Have enough stars to get to the "center of the universe", but there are still more galaxies left to play through. I have to wonder what happens when you get the Grand Star from fighting whatever boss is in the engine room? Only one way to find out~

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