Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At Least She Showed Up Tonight

Michelle, I mean. Went out to Real Canadian Superstore after supper so I could grab some stuff (which included another one of those fur throw things :3), and on the way back, spotted her van in the parking lot. The night itself wasn't all that bad, save for right at the very end, where I asked Michelle if we could be closed once we'd taken care of the cars, and the last customer ended up ordering a family pack :s

But yeah. Had planned on going to bed as soon as I got home, but we ended up doing a food swap with Tim Hortons, from which I got a large Café Mocha, which I drank in it's entirety just before getting into Michelle's van for the ride home. It's only 3 though, so I give myself 'till 6. Maybe I'll get a bit farther on Bridge to the Turnabout or something.

Received three emails in the time I was gone at work as well, two of which are to say that the record I bought for Dad's Christmas present has been shipped, and one from Paypal, to say that my transfer had completed. Unfortunately, the blankets I was planning on buying with it have been *ahem* purchased by somebody else, so feh. Depending on how much I have in my bank account this Thursday, I may just transfer $80 to it, so I can actually buy that other item I still have my eye on, then wait a bit and look to see if there are any new auctions for those type of sheets.

Mom said earlier today that she needs to know what I want for my birthday / Christmas, or she's just going to give me the money, but I really don't know right now. All the stuff I think looks interesting is online, but meh. There might be a game or something I can tell her I want. That new Trauma Center one is supposed to be out sometime this week (today, I think), and seeing how I've already bought my game for this month, I could just tell her to get that for my birthday. It'd save me some money, and having to worry about going out and getting it myself...

Anyways, I might as well tidy my room up a bit here, and find something else to do~

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