Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"Red Sky at Morn"...

The sky is indeed red out there, and it's quite windy too. Yay ^^ Makes me glad I have the day off.

Anyways though, first matter of the early morning here: the cats are driving me nuts. Despite having clipped their claws yesterday, one of them (I'm guessing Smokey) is relentlessly pawing against the door trying to get out, making an annoying fast *ticktickticktick* sound that makes me want to go in there and somehow scare them away from the door :s

Secondly: Real Canadian Superstore opens at 8, and given that Naomi's going grocery shopping with Mom this week, I can only get out there to buy another one of those fur throws this morning. I could've sworn there were red ones as well, but either I was imagining things, or they were all gone when I went there last. Meh. Got paid ~$450 today, and even after taking into account the money I've spent so far this month, and what I'll be giving to Mom and Dad for gas money, I'll still have eleven cents under $230.00. Time to start looking at what sort of listings there are on Furbid for art commissions :3

Finally: thoughts about Anthrocon. I really can't pass judgement on it right now, but honestly, it just doesn't seem like a good time. Perhaps when I have some means of transportation that doesn't require me to rely on someone else, and whatever papers I'd need to get into the US, it'll definitely be something to think about. Things do change, but for now... *shrug*

But as for work, busy, but we did two food swaps (one with Dominos, the other with Tim Hortons), which had to be the high points of the night. Jake never showed up, so we ended up calling Amanda in, and yeah. Oh, and the reason they wanted me to come in early was because there were a bunch of dishes at the back, none of which I touched anyways. I offered to do them, but Mark said he would.

I think I'm going to go out on the porch and see just how windy it is though. I can hear it outside, so it must be pretty loud, at least...

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