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Awesomeawesomeawesome~ I can't really explain why I'm getting so excited (outside of the obvious), but there's just something... special about it :3

It's sort of funny, really. Back in public school when it started snowing, I never did like it. Now, well, it should be obvious. Amazing how something I've been waiting for for only a little while now can make those other problems disappear like they never existed in the first place. Well either that or I'm just tired, but I like the first one better.

Dad's finally up as well though, so now I'm just waiting for 10, at which point EB Games opens, and hopefully they'll have Trauma Center: New Blood. Then it's going to be coming back home, taking my laptop and stuff back up into my room, then sleeping. Such is my day off~ Sort of makes me angry though. Real Canadian Superstore has their Black Friday thing going on this Friday and Saturday. From 9pm to 12 midnight those nights, there's no tax on *anything*. Of course, what would I have to work then but 9 to closes -_- Thanks Shelia. I really appreciate it.

Speaking of which, I still remember that. About a year ago now, sitting in the van outside EB Games from ~4 to 7 in the morning in hopes of getting a Wii. It wasn't until the day after the furmeet that I actually got one (so February sometime), and look where we are now. I think I'll save the reminiscing for New Years though, and find something (else) to do for another hour and a half.


It's begun to sleet here so I imagine the snow isn't too far behind. Good luck with your shopping! ^^
It was doing the same at work last night, but now, during the afternoon it all managed to melt which was quite disappointing to see upon waking up. Meh. It was nice while it lasted~

Shopping was a success too, although I think I'll save that for whenever I feel like writing something later tonight :p