Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Oh Josh~

Lord only knows how, but while we were all standing around the back at work tonight, the conversation was turned to the proper spelling of "pedophile". Something about the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", and how the "He sees you when you're sleeping / He knows when you're awake" bit meant he was one.

Josh, in his infinite wisdom felt the need to say it was one of the most common mistakes with the English language to spell it with an "o", where it was supposed to be an "i". This is coming from the same guy who has, on numerous occasions, written things on the board at the back concerning the "schedual". Heh. And for what it's worth, the proper spelling is with an "o". His logic was that "i" was correct, because it went into "pediatrics" just fine. *sigh*

Also, there's a sign on the bars in dining room that, before I corrected it, said they were "Wobbely". The other night (Tuesday, I think), I crossed out the "e", and when I saw him tonight, I asked what he thought of it. Apparently, if it wasn't for Earl stopping him, he would've come here and yelled at me. Absolutely pathetic. I'm not saying you have to spell perfectly, but if someone says "Oh you've spelled this wrong", at least have the decency to admit they're right.

Although it'd admittedly be funnier to have a customer tell him it was spelled wrong. He'd probably say "Thanks for letting me know", and as soon as they left, proceed to tell everyone that he was right and they were wrong.

Just thought I'd share that, and now I'm going to play Super Mario Galaxy some more :3

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