Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Interesting Priorities

Maybe quarter to 4 tonight, more customers pulled into the drive through, ordered, and came up to the window, where they added on a nacho bell grande among other things. The driver literally yelled at me 2 times to not put meat on it (meanwhile the board said no meat or bean), so when Josh C., who was on drive through, came down to pick up the order, I told him that if they yelled at me one more time, they were going to get meat on it regardless. What does he say?

"You can't say no to two hot drunk chicks wearing Santa hats."

Umm... yes. I think I most certainly can. Then Steve and Mark came up, and my God. Two bags of cinnamon twists, a grande cheese fry, and two nachos and cheese (that they handed out for free (which was maybe $10 worth of food)) later, they were all crowed around the window, and as they walked back, they were talking amongst themselves saying things like "Damn she was hot" and such.


And then on the way to work, I ran into the Santa Claus Parade going along King Street (I think) which was fun. As a kid, it was awesome, because it meant Christmas was only a month away. However, when you're on your way to someplace, and have several glowing reindeer between you and the bridge, there's a problem.

Mom and Dad are due back sometime later on this afternoon, but for right now, the peace and quiet is nice. Naomi was right on me when I got home about the wireless internet not working, but otherwise, silence (save for the sound I'm making typing) :3

Anyways, yeah. Just sent an email to Lionel to ask her if that tail might be shipped out by the end of the month, and now that that's taken care of, there's something I need to do upstairs~

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