Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Arrrgh TotA

I was all the way up to fighting Van's second form (after he "activates" Lorelei), and I had hardly any healing items left (2 Lemon Gels and a couple Life Bottles, aside from things like Special, Lottery, Treat, and Specific Gels), and my party was in bad shape, so I just gave up. After spending about half an hour to leave Eldrant, I've now managed to get myself lost in the Meggioran Highlands :x I stocked up on items right after I got out though (when I went through the first time, I'd already used some of them), so provided I can find my way out of that place, I'm going to try fighting Van again and seeing what happens. I know I can beat him. It's just a matter of not using too many healing items in the first battle, because I don't yet know whether his second form is the final battle or not. One thing I'm not going to do is just drop this game now like I did with Tales of Legendia. On that, I got up to Nerifes, beat it's first form, then started the second, and got killed in short order. I haven't touched the game since.

Anyhow, pizza's on it's way right now. I ordered the manager's special in medium (includes 1 pizza with 3 toppings, cinnamon sticks or crazy bread, a 2L, and dipping sauce), which ran me just under $20... NVM. It's here :D

I'm off to watch some of Adam's Family Guy DVDs right now, so maybe, if I can manage to beat Tales of the Abyss after that, I'll write something else :)

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