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Just woke up and got out of bed, and when I opened my door, I could hear somebody stomping up the stairs, so I stuck my head around the corner, and was greeted by Naomi saying "You scared me!". Note that she also had a bag of something with her. Went into the bathroom after that, where I started wondering where she'd gotten the money to buy whatever was in the bag, and when I came back out, she says "We got the rest of our money". Money?

Yeah. ~$2,500, apparently. That should put me up to a more respectable amount in my account though, which is good.

But anyways, when I went upstairs last night, I laid down on the floor first, because I knew if I went to the bed I'd fall asleep in no time. It didn't work, really. Maybe it was just because of a change in atmosphere, but down here, I was willing and able to think about "Well, what could've caused these feelings to come up again", but got as far as figuring out how to say what I wanted to in that comment, followed by realizing the middle of the living room downstairs wasn't the best place in the house to be doing such a thing (what would you think if you happened to walk by the door and see me sitting in the chair with a fur throw over my head?), and I've already explained the rest. Blah.

So now I have to say I'm sorry, kumakehu. I want to give it a bit of time first to see if my mood improves as we get closer to Christmas, but if it doesn't, well, I'll probably do what I was planning on last night (that being emailing / otherwise contacting you).

But also last night, I ended up getting up and laying down on my bed, where I fell asleep in no time. Had 3 dreams that I can remember (which is really something, because there hasn't been so much as one in a while), which will be detailed down below:

It started with Dad running around the house in a pissed-off mood, yelling at everyone, and eventually he came to me, and said something about "Don't lose your job!", and repeated it several times after that. I went upstairs to my room in tears, but could hear yelling downstairs, so back down I go, to find at least Adam defending me, but then I yelled at them "You're all a bunch of hypocrites" or something like that, and the dream ended, and I woke up. Actually had to go downstairs and get a glass of water at that point just to prove to myself that Dad wasn't as pissed off as he'd seemed in the dream.

This one started at Taco Bell. It was Mom's birthday or something, and instead of taking her out to a nice / fancy restaurant, well, I already told you where we went. The lights were all turned off, and the store was more or less closed, but then two guys walked up to the door, opened it, and came on in. I recognize one of them as being a customer who comes through regularly and gets a steak quesadilla combo. But anyways, I went in to take their order, where they ordered at least $30 worth of food, making me all angry, for the obvious reasons. Then out of nowhere Amy shows up (someone who used to work there), locked the dining room doors, and, I'm assuming, helped me finish the order.

Went from there, to talking with someone, who was asking us where we were going. I told them we had a special surprise planned for Mom, and that we were taking her to... and I couldn't say the name of the place. I mumbled something about "Navistar", whereupon the Jeopardy music started playing, and eventually realized it was actually Swiss Chalet, but woke up before I could say anything. Strangely enough though, me and the other person were following behind the vehicle Mom and everyone else were in. All I can say about the other one is that it looked like the van Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob have.

Don't remember how this one started at all, but I was standing in Naomi's room talking to her about something, when I went back into mine, and noticed all my tails had disappeared. Went back to her, and asked "Do you know where my tails went?" where she said "No". A couple minutes passed, then I looked underneath the blankets on her bed, and sure enough, a couple were right there. She started complaining - sounded like "Oh, come on..." On the way out of her room, I noticed my giant tail on the stairs, picked it up, and brought it back to mine, and she followed me. Said something like "If you give them back I won't tell..." to which I responded "What are you trying to do now? Blackmail me?", but I told her I'd let her have the tail that was under my bed (the one I got from Rensis) which she seemed happy enough with.

I found this site with StumbleUpon the other night though, but all it really does is breaks whatever you type down to individual words, and explains what they mean in terms of dreams. Not quite as lengthly or descriptive as I'd have hoped, but it's a start.

And speaking of going out for supper, we are. It's been quite a while since though, and I haven't had anything else to eat yet today (save for that glass of water), so why not?

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