Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

3d, 1h, 13m

Time left remaining on that auction. Someone else bid twice on it, but thankfully my max. bid was still higher, so it appears that they've given up. Either that, or they're waiting 'till the last minute, but if worse comes to worse, I'll just look for one with a "Buy it now" option. I think I'm going to just end up getting Naomi one of those gift cards though. I honestly cannot think of anything else she'd like, outside of something cat-related, and there's far too much in that category to try to pick and choose something she'd like for sure.

Of course, given that we just got more money, it'll really be pointless, but I at least want to get her something, as I've already said before.

Interesting thing involving her that happened earlier this afternoon though: went up into my room to grab that check, because we were going to stop by the bank so I could deposit it, when out of nowhere she says she's coming along. Mom asked her if she planned on withdrawing any money, and she clearly said "No".

So we got to the bank, whereupon she took off for the ATM, but I went up to the teller, took care of things, and went out to the ATM myself so I could check my account balance after the deposit. What do I see her doing? Quickly trying to stuff some cash into her little purse.

Seriously Naomi. It's your money. I don't care what you do with it, but why lie? If you're afraid Mom might say "No", then just calmly explain how much you need, and what you need it for.

She has her friend Becky over right now, so that's the latter question answered. Don't know how much, but once again, that's her problem.

But also, a couple more short things~

1) Bought another one of those fur throws. This one's white (or cream, possibly (imagine that)), and is quite awesome. Same price as the others as well ($34.19, taxes included), so I can't complain :3

2) Got those last two stars on Super Mario Galaxy. Amazing what you can do with a bit of persistence and the ability to get at least one more life before you die. I'm not entirely excited at the prospect of playing through the whole game again with Luigi, but meh. Adam says you unlock something else if you do that, so I wonder what it could be.

Anyways though, it appears there's some sort of Christmas party going on at Dad's work (even though Mom is on the phone ordering pizza :s), so it looks like I'll have to leave a bit early. Feh.

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