Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Awesome Weather :3

Not for driving, by any means, but otherwise, yes <3

I had the *ahem* pleasure of getting stuck down in drive through tonight (which honestly wasn't all that bad, really), and at 1:00 or so, a man and woman pull up to the window (husband and wife, maybe), and the first thing she said was "Where is your jacket?!" Umm... first of all, it's alot warmer in here than you might think (there's a vent more or less right over the order till), and secondly, it's not that cold. At least I don't think so. Practically everyone else there has, at one point, asked me why I never wear a coat or jacket, and I always give the same response. You'd think they'd have learned by now...

Anyways, I'm hungry ;_; Holding out 'till 7:30 or so though, just in case Adam does have to work today (McDonalds >:3). Was also looking at the Dominos flyer in the kitchen as well, and I those chicken things they have look really good, and I do have the night off, so just maybe~

But work. Heh. Because of the weather, Michelle left at 11 or so, but Ange came in to take over for her. At first she planned on leaving at ~3, as long as the store was fairly clean and whatnot. Then she started feeling sick around midnight, and went home. Thus, Steve, Josh C., and I closed on our own :s Not bad considering, but still fun.

And also, before she left, I noticed Michelle was out cleaning the dining room, so I went out and started stocking up the hot and mild sauce and all that, but then realized that Teresa and Amanda were supposed to be doing that, but I hadn't seen any sign of them. Asked her what was going on, and all I got in response was "I can't go into it". Then I got a car, so I went in to take the order, and when I came back out she said something about Teresa having gotten two write-ups in one day, and Amanda one, therefore being why they were sent home (presumably). Interesting. Amanda works 9 - 2 tomorrow night, but I completely forgot to check if / what Teresa's working. Hmm...

That's enough said for now though. I'm up to about 70 stars, so let's see about getting some more~

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