Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Auctions = Suck

Except when you manage to win them. Woke up this afternoon to find that someone had outbid me on that thing I planned on getting for Adam, and after about half an hour of searching, found another one that ended tonight, but was already bid on by one "aikidotjejen". Looking at the bid history as well, "mcr4me" bid twice on it too. Feh. Total price is $84.00, which is really cutting it close, given that I have $24.77 in my Paypal right now, with a transfer of $60 to it clearing this Wednesday. It worked out in the end though, and that's what matters :3

I'm thinking about getting Naomi both gift cards for both Little Caesars and Walmart though, probably for $30 each. Getting her just the one for Little Caesars would work, but it reeks of laziness too. That can all wait 'till the 13th, or sometime around then though. Despite that I booked the 12th through 14th off, Shelia still gave me the 11th as well, so whatever. I've still got 5 (maybe 6) places to go, so that should be more than enough time :p

Not entirely looking forward to next Sunday though. It's our (Taco Bell's) Christmas party, and I'm not going. It'd probably be fun, but... *sigh* no. Because of that though, I'm closing. That's fine. I wouldn't expect any different. The only problem is with who. Earl, and Karen (provided she shows up). So that's going to be fun. I can't wait. But it's a Sunday, so it shouldn't be overly busy...

Anyways, 9 more stars to get. I am not going to want to so much as look at the game after tonight :s

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