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Well Then...

While the credits were going (in Super Mario Galaxy), I took a look at the codes for the game on GameFAQs, and now regret just skimming through them. I could've sworn I read something about Bowser being a playable character :s Thinking now though, that really wouldn't work. Meh.

So yeah. 121 stars with both Mario and Luigi. Yay :3 Although what am I going to play now? I still don't want to start into Trauma Center, but that's the only new game I have right now. Then again, I am considering starting a random case on Phoenix Wright again (if only for the thoughts and memories this thread brought up :p), but then I'd probably just stay up in my room the rest of the night, and I don't particularly want to do that.

Well, there's actually one thing I really should take care of right now...