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New monitor get :D This one, to be specific. At first I didn't want to get a ViewSonic one, purely because Janice has one of their CRT monitors in her office at Heart and Stroke, and the day it arrived, I was asked to hook it up, because nobody else knew how to. The first thing that caught my eye was the birds on the top-left corner of the thing, and this one is the same (although an LCD, as opposed to a CRT), but I suppose it's not too noticeable. Originally I was looking at one by Samsung (I think it was), but according to the guy I was talking to, the one on display was his last in stock, as it was a discontinued model. He asked me if there was any specific reason I wanted to get that one instead, and I couldn't think of one, so I just agreed to get this one instead. It's awesome though. The whole trip to get out to Staples was quite a time though.

First of all, we didn't have use of the van 'till around 4:30, as my Dad had taken it to go to a doctor's appointment or something. So once he got home, Adam, my Mom, and I piled into the van, and went to do some running around. Adam wanted to go to Little Caesars for supper, so we took him there, but on the way, my Mom asked me whether or not I needed to go to the bank for money to buy what I wanted (I hadn't yet told them what I'd come along to get yet).

Originally, I had wanted to go to Staples, find a monitor I liked and wanted to get, then heading over to the bank, getting the money, then going back to Staples, buying the monitor, and going home. Here's how things went though. After my Mom asked me if I needed to get money, I said yes, so she stopped at the Canada Trust we usually don't go to, as it's too far away from our house. Y'know, it's really unnerving, walking up to the teller, handing them your bank book, and saying "I want to withdraw five hundred." :x She didn't say a thing though, but it was still an "OMG WTF am I doing?" moment. Anyways, once I was back in the van, we went to Little Caesars, as it was just up the street a bit, and Adam walked in and ordered his food.

He came out a couple minutes later to tell us it'd be a 15-20 minute wait, so I suggested we head to Staples in the meantime so I could get what I wanted. It would've worked quite well, but no though. My Mom, for whatever reason, decided she wanted to wait in the parking lot for the whole 20 minutes, instead of getting other stuff done. I know it wasn't that long of a wait, considering, but it was just frustrating.

After that, we went to Staples, and I found the monitor I wanted, bought it (ran me $340), and we went home. After that, my Mom had to go out to Harveys to get supper for her and my Dad. Honestly, here's how I would've done things if I was driving:

  1. Go to the bank, and get the money I need.
  2. Take Adam to Little Caesars.
  3. Head to Staples while he waits, and come back and get him.
  4. Head for home, but on the way, stop by Harveys.
  5. Go home.

Seriously, except for Staples, all those stops are on the same road :s

So moving onto other topics, tomorrow's Halloween. Woo. I have to work :p It's a 4-12 shift as well, so I can see getting put on front cash, which wouldn't be bad, as it's an easy position to work, but questions arise about trick-or-treaters coming in. I wasn't working at this time last year, but according to Josh, they had candy ready for those people, but the staff themselves ate it :x Honestly, I can see that happening, but only with the supper or closing crew ;) If I do end up on front cash, I'll get the pleasure of dealing with those people :) It will be fun to see the costumes people come in though.

Heh, I can still remember when Pokémon was ridiculously popular, and always getting stressed out about going out on Halloween and seeing people wearing costumes of Pokémon that I'd die to have. It was really more a matter of "What I don't see won't hurt me." I wanted a costume badly, but I had no way of getting one, and I knew that if I went out and saw other people wearing them, I'd be overwhelmed by jealousy. Same thing still applies today, but now I have the funds necessary to get such a costume. It's just a matter of coming to grips with doing such a thing, and getting over worrying about what other people would think.

Tomorrow's going to be interesting in that direction, especially seeing as I plan on wearing my normal uniform, and I'm almost positive that someone else will be wearing some sort of costume. Oh well. What can be done. This'll be the first Halloween that I've worked there, so I don't know whether anything special happens. Still, I'd rather go wearing my proper uniform, rather than wearing a costume, for right now. If I wore the uniform, even if other people were wearing costumes, I wouldn't have anything to worry about, because I would be wearing the proper dress for the job. However, if I wore a costume, and everyone else was in their uniform, I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Not to say that that's a bad thing, but it is if you look at it a certain way.

Well, hopefully I am on front cash tomorrow, because one fun side effect of it would be trying to pick out other furries. I'm sorry, but I can't be the only one in Chatham :p There is one guy I just found with Google, that I went to high school with :D I suppose it makes sense though, because I recall him typing in his email address when logging into Hotmail before, and it was something like "yif_01" ;) Still though, two of us in a city with a population of over 43,000? Impossible. I want someone I can go to in real life and talk to about the things I can only do otherwise on the internet. Enough about that though.

I didn't play that much Tales of the Abyss today, but that can be attributed to my getting this monitor. I was just about to fight the Liger Queen, but I didn't save at the save point before that (or at least I think I didn't), and I just ended up turning the PS2 off when I got home anyways. Chances are it's going to be a while before I get the guide as well. I was browsing through GameFAQs' forums last night, and came across something that said the guide's going to be shipped sometime in December :o I still haven't gotten a reply back from Bradygames yet though, so I don't know whether that's the truth or not. One person said that they were simply able to walk into their local EB Games, and buy a copy of the guide - apparently there were 4 more left after that. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow, just on the off chance that it is in. I know Kyle (one of the guys that works there) said he'd give me a call if it came in, but I'd rather not just sit idly by waiting for him to make the first move.

The Wii's also coming out soon (in 20 days, according to the main page of AGNPH), so hopefully I'll be able to get one either on that day, or shortly after. Even though EB Games wasn't taking preorders when I asked, they apparently opened their doors one morning for that, and they had 4 or 5 people lined up outside, so I don't know. I really don't understand Nintendo's reasoning behind packing Wii Sports with it though. I don't like sports games. The closest I ever got to playing one regularly was some baseball game Josh had for his N64, and that was a yawn and a half. Why can't it be like with the Gamecube. When I bought mine, I had the choice of getting either Metroid Prime, or Super Mario Sunshine with it. For the Wii, they should do either Twilight Princess or Red Steel, but that's not likely to happen. The latter game doesn't look particularly interesting, but Twilight Princess does, so provided they have it, I'm going to get that game when I get my Wii.

Oh, there's one other thing I wanted to talk about involving work. Generally, for my Thursday shifts, I'm scheduled from anywhere from 8 - 10 to close. However, this Thursday is a bit different. I'm only written in on the schedule for 9-1 in the morning :o However, the people working that night are me, Glenda, Jerome, and Amy. I hate to draw attention to myself (well, not really, but...) but I have the best knowledge and know how of closing in that list of people, so I can't help but feel I'll be expected to stay later. Glenda and Jerome are both managers, so they can't very well leave Amy to man drive through and line by herself for the last hour of the night, especially seeing as it'll only be her second or third close. So right now, I'm making my schedule for Friday based on the fact that I will be closing that night. It'd be nice to be done at 1, but given who's working, I don't think it'll happen.

I might be able to leave early tomorrow, provided I'm on front cash, because if I can get the dining room cleaned up before 12, I'll have nothing else to do, really. We'll have to wait and see.

Anyways though, I'm off to have a shower for now. I haven't had one in who knows how long :s

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