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What's This Supposed to Mean?

There's a note here from Dad, that Mom just gave to me saying "You're supposed to call Josh about this".

"Tues 11 off to
9 to close"

So if I'm reading that right, it means I now close Tuesday the 11th. Huh. Then again, if that were the case, why would I be instructed to phone Josh about it? If they actually haven't changed it yet, I'm still going to tell them no. Why? It's Shelia and Earl's own fault that they don't check over the schedule thoroughly enough. I think this most recent thing is because Jake's last shift was yesterday or something, but still, he gave them the compulsory two weeks notice, so there is absolutely no reason they shouldn't have at least checked for any problems that might've caused.

Ugh. They seriously need to hire more closers. As of the next schedule, Steve's officially a manager, which leaves Josh C. and I as the only regular closers that actually know what they're doing. Sure, there's still Teresa and Amanda, but they only know how to close to a certain extent, and if what Michelle was saying last night actually happens, at least one of them won't be around for much longer.

And that's not to say that Josh, Steve, Michelle, and other closing managers can't still work, but since they are, they can't fill in as easily or be scheduled the way they were before.

So that's really fun. I'm pretty sure Earl's there 'till 10 tonight though, so we'll have to see about bringing the possibility of hiring more people into conversation.

It's just, sure, more hours means more money, which is always nice, but I still want at least two days off in a row each week.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

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