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Cliché: When it Rains it Pours

My intent today was to go to Heart and Stroke, do whatever there for the afternoon, and come home to see an email from Paypal stating that my transfer had completed, so I could pay for that item. It did, but guess what?

I still don't have enough to pay for it. Arrrrrgh. I've sent them an email though, so hopefully they reply favorably before I have to leave for work. On second thought, anyone willing to Paypal me $5? Oh desperation, how I've missed you <3

And then as opposed to having some time to myself to sit up in my room and think about things (should be obvious why), I have to type up Dad's résumé. That could be considered a good thing though given what he's got typed up already. There's only supposed to be one space after a comma (not before), among other things.
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And tonight I get to close with Josh. Well, Michelle too, but she's fine. He, however, seems to think everyone always has to be in a pleasant mood and be willing to joke around and have fun. For what it's worth as well, Teresa has been fired. That's the reason I had to take that shift next week. So I now get to close with Josh and Steve (both managers now) two nights in a row. Oh how I'm looking forward to that.

But enough of that. I'm coming off alot more pissed off than I actually am. Might as well get this typed up and be done with it.

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