Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"See You Christmas Eve"

I'm out here in the kitchen right now, waiting for the stove to heat up (for there is muffin mix in the cupboard), and I happened to notice a card sitting on the counter. It's from Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark. I suppose it's bad that I still don't know their last name (I think it's "Kent"), but anyways, there's a note along the bottom that says exactly what the title of this entry does.

Oh yes indeed. Going over there is always fun <3 Although I think I do believe I already know what I'll be getting from them this year. A jar of cashews~ Long story short, I got one from them a couple years back, and last Christmas, in the thank-you I sent them, I couldn't help but mention that that present was awesome. In a tactful way, of course.

Then, a couple days ago, Dad and Mom were both in the kitchen talking, while I was in the living room, and overheard a bit of their conversation. Something about Naomi getting something for me and Adam (interesting), and a more important bit about how I "emailed Marie last year and told her he really liked those cashews", so yes.

Speaking of Dad, he wants me to type up his resume again, but that can wait 'till after I'm done making my snack :3

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