Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Does Nobody Listen Anymore?

I swear. I just asked Dad three times if we could go to Staples when he got back from dropping Adam off at work, and what does he say after he gets his coat on? "Are you coming?" Seriously. Listen. I don't talk all that much, so when I do, there's usually a reason for it.

Of course, they're both in a hurry because Adam's too dependent on Dad to get him up in the morning (as in he doesn't so much set the alarm on his DS), and Dad never got up period, and yeah. Fun stuff.

Mainly want to head out there to get a wireless mouse, given that something's happened to my wired one to cause it to not work anymore, even after several reboots, and I'll probably also pick up those Kit-Kat bars for Mom. Rethinking Naomi's gift too. I read an article a little while ago that said giving gift cards was bad, because it was as if you were saying you knew how to manage the recipient's money better than they did. In Naomi's case though, that very well may be. She's easily spent at least $500 since we got our money.

So instead, I'm just thinking a gift card for Little Caesars for $30 (because I know she'll make use of that), plus $50 in cash. It seems like there's no point to that, but only from the angle that we got our money only recently, and she should still have at least half of it left.

Anyways, if I am going to get out there before I go to bed, I might as well head upstairs and get a shirt on.

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